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The following lessons will introduce you to Basic Spoken Teochiu. They are for the most part based on Teochiu as spoken by my family and friends. I have modified the original lessons to include both Chinese characters and tone marks. I hope this will make it easier for those who are starting from scratch, as well as those who know how to read Chinese characters. I would appreciate any typo and usage corrections.

MODULES are composed of several lessons that are geared towards a level of interest. PICK THE MODULE WHICH SUITS YOU BEST:

  • MODULE 1: BARE BASICS Foundational review of Peng Im and tones, counting, and simple everyday phrases.
  • MODULE 2: SIMPLE CONVERSATION Learn how to have simple conversations in Diojiu!
  • MODULE 3: INTERMEDIATE CONVERSATION Building off of Module 2, you will learn how to converse about more topics and learn how to recognize and use grammar structures and patterns.


    *All MODULES are currently under construction.*