Welcome to Diojiu Bhung Gak!

DIOJIU (also known as "Teochiu", "Teochew", "Chaozhou" and "Chiuchao"), is a Chinese dialect spoken in southeastern Guangdong province as well in a diaspora that spans the world over. This site is dedicated to educating visitors about the language of the Diojiu people. For more information about Diojiu culture and to interact with the Diojiu online community you can visit GagiNang.

4/11/04 - This site is going through massive content overhaul. Please check back periodically to see new features. I plan to revamp lessons, including interactive exercises, among other new things.

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*VIEWING CHINESE CHARACTERS*: On DBG, Chinese characters in the body text can be viewed by changing your language settings to UTF (Unicode). If you can see the following characters then your computer settings are working fine: 潮州人, if not then you need to adjust your language settings.