The aim of this site is to introduce the visitor to the world of Diojiu language. Since starting this site three years ago, I am pleased to say there has been a marked growth on the net, of interest in Diojiu culture and language. Much of this renewed interest is due to the popularity of the sister site of DGB, GagiNang. At one time there were hardly any materials online for Diojiu culture or language. Fortunately, that has changed. As Education Coordinator with GagiNang, I've created this site to compliment the language sections of the GagiNang website. GagiNang is an organization devoted to the preserving Diojiu culture as well as serving as an online platform to connect Diojiu people all over the world. For more information on GagiNang, please visit the GagiNang Website.

Ty Eng Lim | Education Coordinator | GagiNang


Are you interested in learning Diojiu? Then you are in the right place! You can familiarize yourself with PENG IM, our standard for romanizing the sounds of Diojiu. It's important that you learn this system in order to understand how to make the sounds of Diojiu. Due to limited space, sound files will only be limited to certain sections.

Excepting the "Lessons" section, this site was not meant to be read or used in any particular order. The various features can be used as reference or reminders to help you learn for the first time, or brush up on your Diojiu. The "Lessons" section are numbered according to their progression in level, so it is suggested that they be read in order.

  • An explanation of the Peng Im Romanization System
  • Description of and Lessons on basic spoken Diojiu
  • Soundfiles for selected wordlists and reading passages
  • Supplementary reading materials in Peng Im and Chinese characters (中文)
  • And many other tools to aid you in your learning of Diojiu language

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